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Garage Mahal Home was Designed, Project Managed, Co-Built by Andrew Hayim De Vries


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Garage Mahal Home open for Sustainable House Day!

Andrew Hayim De Vries offers a Consulting Service as an Advisor for your building project.

Get organised BEFORE you start! Andrew can advise you on key activities before or during the building or renovation process. If you have never built or renovated before, or are considering green options for the first time – or just want to talk things through with an impartial third party, Andrew can assist. Simplifying sometimes confusing processes and setting ongoing clear communication strategies in place can save you time and money.

Andrew can advise how best to deal with builders, tradesmen, councils, neighbors and architects. No need to feel intimidated by terms and situations you don’t fully understand. Andrew can consult on options for you, without bias.

The benefits of constant open lines of communication can ease the stress of dealing in an unfamiliar environment.

Andrew’s vision:

Taking Ownership of Your Home

‘In an ideal situation Taking Ownership of your own home includes building within a budget. To my way of thinking "taking ownership" will include excellent project planning and cost analysis, as well as creating a transparent working relationship with all parties involved in the building project from architect onwards. My contribution is to coach you towards this goal.’

How do I use Andrew’s service? Andrew’s consulting and advisory service is available to assist in the following ways:

1. Coaching- Listening to the Client Needs and Enquiry

In my first conversation with you we will discuss planning and looking for pitfalls, and working out strategies where you, the client can achieve your goals.

2. Evaluating Options and Decision Making

Once the core vision is understood, you may also consult with me on processing options such as:

• Environmentally Friendly options,
• staging your building or renovating project,
• timing of your approvals and building,
• and again maintaining transparency with all parties

At this second stage, I am able to advise you on strategies to make your building or renovation process more successful.

The outcome of this stage will be a Timeline and set of Decisions for you to confirm.

3. Getting the project started and completed on time, on budget – Key Considerations.

This consulting involves determining such processes as efficient Cost Analysis, Service Level Agreements with all parties involved. For example at each stage of the building process a costing should be made transparent before and after agreements and contracts are settled with all parties involved; architects; builder, and trades etc. How are you planning to manage this process? I can consult with you to set up the most suitable system for you – i.e. cost plus or fixed price?

Service Level Agreements may be an effective tool for you to manage all communications with the stakeholders in the project for complete transparency and peace of mind.

I am happy to have review consulting sessions with you during the process

4. Help along the way? Where did we go wrong?

Sometimes the best intentions don’t get the best result. I can consult with you to understand where you are at and what can be done to salvage a situation if things have gone wrong.


1. Coaching- Listening to the Client Needs and Enquiry
2 x hours $170.00 inc GST and Log Book

2. Evaluating Options and Decision Making
2 x hours $170.00 inc GST

3. Project Plan Review, Coaching $85.00 inc GST per hour

4. Help along the way
Minimum 2 hours $170.00 inc GST per session (up to as many sessions as you require)

Andrew’s Background

Andrew has worked as project manager, designer, and ultimately problem solver for building structure design for 38 years. For the past 6 years Andrew has been assisting and consulting in private home building projects within Australia and abroad.

Andrew is also renowned for sustainable building design culminating in

Andrew completed 7 years at university studying graphic design and fine art and has worked for 18 years as a tutor and lecturer in fine art. Andrew has also worked in progressive architecture, urban planning, and sustainable housing systems.


"Andrew's great! Brilliant to talk over ideas with and always creative and helpful with his solutions. I have worked with Andrew over the last 15 years on a whole range of different projects and always enjoyed his perspective on solving tricky problems and creating answers for any given budget. His knowledge about building and construction processes is fantastic!"
Rodney Glick, World Citizen

"Andrew was able to solved a very complicated external gutter and drainage problem for me several years ago where others had failed, and I've subsequently consulted him successfully with a range of  other disparate problems associated with restoring and old  heritage house, including converting a cupboard into a bathroom. Whatever the problem, large or small, Andrew is always able to think outside the square and resolve it cleverly and expediently. Now I wouldn't think of building or renovating without his advice."
Bron Sibree

"Andrew worked with us to build a wonderful Japanese style walled courtyard with ponds, retaining walls, garden beds, rainwater tank and paving. Andrews talents are immense across unique design, careful selection and finding recycled materials, colour palette and construction techniques. It has been a wonderful experience to work with Andrew towards" the completion of our new home.
Dr. Martin Anda PhD, MIEAust

"The Gods smiled upon us and Andrew was given three weeks  to complete the main structural changes before we returned home.  He did this  - in the middle of  winter AND  close to budget.  We remain good friends – surely the greatest testimonial of all!"
Rosslyn de Souza

"Another builder had started construction of a studio apartment in my courtyard but had a nervous breakdown, strayed from the plans and made many mistakes, then left the project midway when he saw no way out of his stuff ups. Andrew came and looked at it, saw immediately where the mistakes were made and how to remedy them, made suggestions to the original plans and created a wonderful space, with triple insulation, attention to detail inside and out, and ensuring that the whole project was visually pleasing and fitted in with the existing dwelling to look as if it belonged and has always been there."
MJB White Gum Valley (phone number on application)

"After a major house renovation which meant starting the garden from scratch too,  I needed to find a quick and affordable way to recreate some privacy in the backyard. I called on Andrew who proposed to plant lily pillies along the boundaries. He organised the purchase, delivery and planting which created an instantaneous and esthetical screen which has kept growing over the years and up to this day gives me enormous pleasure."
Monique, Cottesloe

“When it comes to the construction of space , Andrew is nothing short of a genius. He combines the skills of a creative designer, a handy craftsman and a well-informed ecologist all in one. Moreover, his knowledge is not only limited to the specialised work of design and construction but extends to the mundane concerns of where to buy what and of keeping the budget under control. Consulting with Andrew guarantees an end-product custom-designed to personal needs and wishes, while avoiding the kind of potential financial blowouts that so often occur in the building process.”
Moshe Y Bernstein
Student, UWA

“Andrew converted my store room into an amazing and funky home office, while at the same time solving the cooling problem so the room doesn't heat up like an oven in summer because of our North facing wall. This holistic approach to building taking into account the performance of the building is why I'll only use Andrew for future renovation or new building projects.”
Stephen Hayes


Garage Mahal is open between 10am and 4pm Sunday 11th September 2011 admission FREE!
Andrew will be giving talks every half hour regarding the green wall and shed construction.


Assistance for surviving the process

Andrew Hayim De Vries
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Andrew Hayim De Vries

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“taking time to pause & consider what you need and want in your home...” grey water vertical green wall is primarily about completely embracing passive solar design when building a new home or upgrading your existing home

Vertical green wall systems combined with shed construction principles for cost afford ability and environmental efficiency.

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